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Cousins Tree Service


Free Tree Assessment & Estimate
Determine Tree Health and the Potential for failure.
Provide recommendation to remove or retain trees.
Determine tree value according to Age, Species, and Location.

Emergency Tree Removal Services
Your Car, House or Property may have fallen victim to Mother Nature. Call us for Rapid and Professional Emergency Tree Removal.

Small and Large Tree Removal
There are many Reasons to remove trees from your property. The obvious reason is to avoid the tree from falling on your house and possibly injuring someone. Also you don’t want the tree to land on a power line resulting in a loss of electricity for weeks. The not so obvious reason would be maybe you just want more Yard space. You might also want to rake less leafs in the Fall. Whatever the reason call us for all your Tree Service needs.

Shaping & Thinning
Maybe you’re not looking to remove the tree
but would like to have some branches taken off because it
might pose a threat during a strong thunderstorm.
Have us Assess the tree for recommendations on how to shape it.

Stump Grinding
After a Tree is cut down, there is always a tree stump left
behind that can only be removed professionally.
Let our team of experts Grind that stump to nothing.

Free Woodchips with Services
It’s your Tree. After it’s cut down and put through the
wood chipper, keep the Wood chips for your Garden.
Or have us properly dispose of them.




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